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The Art of Driving … Nardi Wheels

Nardi wheels classic photoEnrico Nardi was one of those highly charismatic and gifted entrepreneurs who helped shape automotive history.Nardi made a significant contribution to car engineering and design over the pre- and post-war period, driven by his passion for racing and all things mechanical.Nardi turned his head to designing just about everything in a car: engines, differentials, gearboxes, inlet manifolds, exhaust systems, suspension layout and brakes. Not forgetting, of course, steering wheels. Right from the very beginning his name was linked with those of other automotive geniuses, including Enzo Ferrari, and Vincenzo Lancia, but he is perhaps best remembered as a constructor in his own right. Nardi, with his keen eye for engineering finesse and aesthetics, startedNardi classic making hand-crafted wood-rimmed steering wheels in 1951, and his intuitive designs were soon in demand, especially from Italy’s world-famous coachbuilders who were looking for a stylish and individual accessory for that extra touch of class to distinguish the interiors of their cars.


The first ever production car to fit a Nardi steering wheel was the Pegaso in 1952 but, not long after, Nardi was to team up with Ferrari to provide steering wheels which would equip the cars that made the Prancing Horse the legend it is now. Between 1958 and Nardi’s untimely death in 1996, his steering wheels were fitted to the cars that won 1,473 victories and took no less than 10 world championship titles, including championship titles in 1961 and 1964.